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I want this to be a easy to use and enjoyable environment that don't subject people to advertising. In my opinion we get enough advertising throughout the day between radio, billboards, signs, television and internet email spam etc.... why should it need to take place on a privately funded, registered members only base trail talk site? is not a company; it's just my hobby. This web-site was not created just for myself but created for the horse community. It is so hard with our busy lives to meet people with common interests, that I wanted to help bridge the gap between wanting to do stuff with our horses, to meeting people that will make it happen.

With this under-taking came some unexpected and additional cost that caught me by surprise, not to mention the annual maintenance to keep it running smooth. I hope this site will keep advertisement free and is around for years to come. Donations are totally voluntary and are greatly appreciated. With your donation, your member status will change to "Contributing Member" and I will mail you a oval bumper sticker for your truck or trailer. Any donation will make you a contributing member for one calendar year. Thank you in advance for your support.

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